Radhika Vegetable Oils Pvt. Ltd.

Under the leadership of Mr. Vishnu Mor, Radhika Group saw its first foray in the Edible Oil business way back in 1984. It was among the first in India to import Oil Palm sprouts and start a 5MT/Hr extraction unit in Garividi. It has now spiralled into an enterprise spanning production, extraction and delivery of palm oil to major Vanaspati makers in India. Radhika Group today sources palm fruit from over 15000 acres of assisted plantations in over 10mandals within Andhra Pradesh.

Key highlights:

  • Operations in 10 Mandals of Vizianagaram District with a potential of 40250 ha.
  • Nurseries in Vizianagaram District
  • 15,000 Acres area under Oil Palm
  • Multiple collection centres
  • 20 MT/hr Palm Oil Mill (Including Production of Palm Kernel Oil)
  • 6 MW power plant based on Palm waste as its fuel
  • Dedicated and trained team
  • Supported by best quality seeds & 100% buyback of fresh fruits
  • Plans to set up Refinery / Fractionation Unit for further processing of CPO&CPKO

India has the fourth largest edible oil market in the world. With ever increasing per capita and growth, the consumption of edible oil in India is growing by day. Therefore, there has been an increase in the demand for Palm Oil which constitutes a big part of edible oil mix in India and the world.

The government of India has formed an expert committee to look into suitable land for Palm Oil production in India. Vizianagaram district is one such district identified by the committee for the purpose. Apart from this there is a growing demand for identifying it as a plantation crop for its further growth.

Among the major benefits of Palm Oil is the fact that a single tree can be harvested for over 75 years. Malaysia and Indonesia are two countries which have almost dedicated themselves to the palm fruit due to favourable conditions, but growing conditions in India are no less favourable too.

Also, in order to create self-sufficiency in edible oil, the plantation of Palm fruit further needs to be encouraged in the future. In order to bridge the widening gap between the demand and production, more extraction plants will also be needed.

Radhika Group has a plant capacity of 20MT/ Hr plant in Garividi and plans a 50MT/ hr plant capacity in other locations by 2016-17.

In order to encourage farmers, Radhika Group pays a big part of the plantation and the rest is further subsidized by the government, therefore the future of Palm Oil in India looks bright.