About Radhika Group

“A vision far thought and brought alive by commitment and perseverance have always borne fruits of excellence”

Radhika Group was established with a solid foundation it inherited from its parent company RBSSD&FN Das (Rai Bahadur Seth Shree Ram Durgaprasad and Fatechand Narsing Das). The founding fathers of Radhika Group have been among the first entrepreneurs to take the lead in fulfilling the aspirations of emerging India through deep commitment to nation building. The group has ever since been playing its role by embracing new ideas and businesses.

The group has been operating some of the oldest Manganese mines in the country since 1947. These mines have been operational since 1890’s ever since the British struck manganese in this area while laying the BNR railway lines. RBSSD&FN Das acquired these mines from the East India Company after they went into liquidation before the British left the country. Thereafter the leases were under the grant to the Maharaja of Vijaya Nagar and subsequently granted through the Government of India. The group therefore has been proudly operating these mines for over 70 years now.

Radhika Group has grown exponentially both in terms of value and area of business. Today, Radhika Group operates businesses in resources, agro and energy sectors among others. Our companies have re-written success stories in their respective areas of business and are preparing for the next phase of our growth.

Radhika Group currently provides employment to more than 1500 people and possesses some of the best brains in the industry when it comes to research and development which include 1st & 2nd Class Mines Managers, Geologists, Scientists and other subject matter experts.

Among its various companies, Radhika Metal and Minerals was formed as a marketing company for Manganese extracted from RBSSD&FN Das mines and it sold the same to the Indian Ferro Alloy Industry and exported to other users of manganese ore across the world. Today Radhika Metals and Minerals not only operate the mines but are among the largest private Manganese ore suppliers to Ferro Alloy industry in India. At present Radhika Metals and Minerals operates 6 mines in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. These century old mines are among the most productive in the area with a total current production of 1000 daily. The ore from these mines is used extensively by the Steel & Ferro Alloy industry and Manganese ore converted into Manganese oxide is used by the cattle-feed and fertilizers industry. Our aim is to reach 350-400 thousand tonnes of Manganese ore production by the year 2016, which is almost 40% of total production done by MOIL – The largest Government of India enterprise in Manganese ore production.

Radhika Group also supplies to more than 80% Ferro Alloy companies in India and has recently started their own Ferro Alloy Company by the name of Mor Alloys Pvt. Ltd. The new company aims to manufacture high quality Ferro Alloys like Silico Manganese and Ferro Manganese using our own Manganese ore. Their ideal location near the Vishakhapatnam port makes it easier to import higher grade of Manganese and Mor Alloys plan to make the best grade required for export and domestic consumption. Radhika Group also has a 20MW captive power plant capacity in Mor Alloys which is an Industrial waste Based Power plant from the waste of another sister concern Radhika Vegetable Oils Pvt Ltd.

Radhika Vegetable Oils Pvt. Ltd. was the brainchild of Mr. Vishnu Mor in 1984 as a Edible Oil refining unit. We used to refine the oil from the the locally available oil seeds like Sunflower, Cotton Seed. Etc. Later in 1992 he was trained under the company ASD Costa Rica, and was the pioneer to put up Oil Palm Plantation and an extraction unit in private sector. It was the first company in the private sector to import Oil Palm Sprouts in the country and also Mr. Vishnu Mor was on the board of ASD Costa Rica as their representative in India. The company today operates a 20MT per hour plant in Garividi and has plans for a 50MT per hour capacity in other locations by 2016.The company has been allotted 10 mandals in the Vizianagaram district by the Andhra Pradesh government for contract farming with the local farmers, which means that the company gives them saplings and in return they sell back the fruit at the cost which is decided by the government. Radhika Vegetable Oils has been involved in this extension since 1992 and as of today has over 15000 acres of plantation under the company under this contract farming structure; it expects to reach about 30000 acres next five years.

The company has expanded its roots to other states like Orissa and Tamil Nadu by associating with M/s. Vaidehi Palm P Ltd. another associated concern which has been allotted two districts in Orissa and one district in Tamil Nadu for Oil Palm Expansion.

Richmond Power has been set up to operate Industrial waste based Green Energy Power Plants which subsequently has been converted to captive power for Mor Alloys P Ltd. located at the same site as Mor Alloys. The company is building power plants with a total operating capacity of 20 MW as allowed under various licenses for various companies of the group. As of now Richmond power has imported an entire 6MW plant at the Mor Alloys unit from Germany. The state-or-the-art plant comprises of a MAN Turbine and will soon become operational. The company has a 20MW operational license from NEDCAP (Non-Conventional Energy Department of Andhra Pradesh) for industrial waste; therefore the capacity is bound to be met solely by the waste generated by Radhika Vegetable Oils Pvt. Ltd.

Today, Radhika Group is among the leading contributors to the Manganese Ore, Ferro Alloy and Palm Oil industry in India and is growing by the day to become a leader in these spaces.